Going Home

05 Mar 2023

After having picked up my new truck, it was time to take it home. My wife drove her Subaru, and I drove the new truck to the Anacortes ferry terminal, on a much nicer day than the previous two.

We started our trip in Sammamish, drove west on the WA-520, then went north on the I-405, and then on the I-5, and finally west again on WA-20. I started with about 230 miles of range, and arrived home with about 110 miles of range remaining. I’m not sure what accounts for the 10-20 mile discrepancy in range, maybe I was playing around too much :-)

MtBaker Waiting in line with Mt. Baker in the background

Clean Shiny white truck

LightsOn The zany Rivian “cartoon” headlights

OrcasDock The Orcas ferry dock is in sight