Larry Gadallah
Larry Gadallah



ChargePoint Level 2 charging station

As a person experiencing an electric vehicle for the first time, I am of course subject to the dreaded range anxiety.

Although my Rivian is conservatively rated to go 300 miles on a charge, I still wanted to quickly get up to speed on how to find places to charge it, and to find out how long charging would take and how expensive it would be.

My wife had an appointment at the salon in Issaquah for an hour or so, so I took her there and went off in search of a “Level 2” charger.

There was one quite close by, and was unoccupied, unlike most of the charging stations I had seen since the day before, when we had picked up the truck.

So, I got out my smartphone app, activated the charger, plugged in, and waited patiently for an hour.


Plugged in and green, charging!

The results were that I got about 6 kilowatts of charge, good for about 12 miles of travel, for $1.00. For comparison, at current gas prices, my old Toyota truck would cost a bit more than $3.00 to go that far.


Range going up, albeit slowly