Jekyll Sticker

At long last I finally got my static site generator for this blog working, using Ruby, Jekyll, Bitbucket Cloud, and Kattare Web Hosting. I’d been thinking about this for about a year and a half and I finally scraped together enough minutes to get it done. I hope that for several reasons, it will be a simple, easy to maintain system:

  • Content written in Markdown, using any text editor
  • No frontend/backend to maintain, no database or complex CMS system needed
  • No active scripting, so less chance of having security issues
  • Publishing is as simple as git commit, git push
  • Even though tools are not WYSIWYG, it should be easier to focus on the content rather than the tools

I was able to import pretty much all of the posts from the old Wordpress blog, but I didn’t save all of them. I deleted a lot that were really just webpage bookmarks and other stuff that wasn’t relevant anymore.