Larry Gadallah
Larry Gadallah



New Rivian R1T in Glacier White

After having had my “First Mile” experience, I was excited (in a restrained way) about the prospect of getting my new vehicle in the next month or so.

I was somewhat startled to get a call that my truck had arrived in Bellevue, WA, about a month ahead of schedule.

Needless to say, I got involved in some furious financial and administrative juggling to arrange to pull together everything I needed to make the delivery happen. Even so, I had to ask for about a week and a half delay from Rivian to get it scheduled.

So on a friday in early March, we once again got on the ferry over to Anacortes, WA and drove up to Bellevue to pick it up on a particularly cold and blustery day.

I had been very concerned about what kind of quality issues I might encounter during the delivery, as I had heard that in the past six months Rivian had been under tremendous pressure from investors to accelerate its production volume, and that quality had been suffering.

During our one hour delivery appointment, the Rivian guide spent most of the time going over the various features and controls in the vehicle, and we didn’t spend nearly as much time as I had anticipated checking that everything worked and was in order.

At this point, I felt like I’d jumped over the cliff, and I was now in the hands of Rivian anyhow: They offered exceptional warranties for the vehicle (5 years, 60,000 miles bumper to bumper, 8 years, 175,000 miles on the battery and drivetrain), and I had heard a lot about how far out of the way Rivian had gone to support early customers. I don’t know if I qualified as an early customer, but I still feel confident that they will continue to stand behind their product for a reasonable period.


Happy customers with their new truck

Fortunately, other than some minor concerns over the alignment of body panels (which I have observed on almost every other Rivian I have seen since delivery), so far we have not experienced any issues with the truck. Knock on wood.