FD-100 Folded Dipole HF Antenna

After many years of carrying my Bushcomm FD-100 tilted, terminated dipole (T2FD) antenna around, I finally got around to putting it up, sort of.

I haven’t had much time to check it in detail but it seems to be working pretty much as advertised: Some simple tests with a VNA show that the VSWR is less than about 1.7:1 across the entire HF spectrum:

Bushcomm FD-100 Folded Dipole VNA Scan

Compare this with a similar VNA scan of my 80M/40M fan dipole, where the VSWR is greater than 2:1 across most of the HF spectrum:

80M/40M Fan Dipole VNA Scan

I’m not satisfied with the orientation of the antenna, since one end is about 50-60 feet up but the other end is only about 3 feet off the ground. I’d like to get at least one end up closer to 80-90 feet, and either get the other end up high enough to produce the proscribed 30 degree tilt, or get the whole antenna horizontal.